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Dry Eye FAQs

Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye can cause uncomfortable symptoms like itching or swelling and significantly affect your quality of life. At Vision Source in Magnolia and Aldine, TX, we provide eye exams to learn more about your eye health and treatment that will relieve your symptoms. Before visiting us, we invite you to keep reading to learn about some frequently asked questions regarding dry eyes!

Dry Eyes Faqs

What are the Common Symptoms of Dry Eyes?

If you have dry eye, you may experience a variety of symptoms, such as itching, redness, or if there is sand in your eyes. Your eyes might even start to water a lot more than usual. When you visit us, our optometrist will examine your condition and provide the necessary treatment that will offer relief.

How Can I Relieve Dry Eyes at Home?

There are some at-home remedies that can help with dry eye. For example, using a humidifier to add some moisture to the air can help. We also recommend blinking frequently and take screen breaks. You can also try over-the-counter artificial tears to keep your eyes moist.

What is IPL Treatment for Dry Eyes?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy can be effective in providing relief for those with dry eye. This treatment can target the underlying cause of your discomfort and reduce inflammation. Since Lumenis IPL treatment is non-invasive, you won’t experience any adverse side effects and can return to your normal routine quickly.

When Should I Seek Professional Help from an Optometrist?

If the treatments you have tried at home are not helping, we recommend visiting our optometrists. We will speak with you about your symptoms and determine the root cause of your discomfort. Afterward, our optometrists will develop an individualized treatment plan that will help you feel better.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of dry eye that are affecting your day-to-day activities, let our team at Vision Source in Magnolia and Aldine, TX, help. With the right treatment, we can help ease your symptoms and improve your overall health. To schedule your appointment, contact our Magnolia location at (281) 252-6060 or our Aldine office at (281) 449-7400 today. When you need an optometrist near me, we look forward to assisting you!

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